The Story of In Purpose Studios

In Purpose Studios is the manifestation of a 30-year-old dream. A dream that took hard work, dedication and a belief in the idea that anything is possible to come true; A dream that came with a lot of triumphs and a lot of failures along the way.

In Purpose Studios is grounded on knowing and believing that you can achieve the vision God has presented you with, understanding that we all have been given talents and gifts and there is purpose for everyone and everything.



Come Move With Us

The mission of In Purpose Studios is to provide quality training and give purpose-filled encouragement to students — children and adults alike — while helping them to develop, mature, and excel in the God-given talents and gifts that they  possess.

At In Purpose Studios, we give students the opportunity to learn and grow in a variety of different styles of dance and other movement-based activities. We offer classes in range of motion stretching, liturgical dance, hip hop, hoola hoop and more!