Dance and be free.

Moving in purpose, with purpose, for a purpose in Erie, PA


Erie dance studio for students of all ages

Dance and other forms of movement to help us destress, relax, celebrate, and get stronger while working through countless of other emotions that come along with daily life.

Without movement, we wouldn't be where we are today. That is why we're so empowered to share it with you. Classes at In Purpose Studios are focused on moving with both physical and mental intention. At our studio in Erie, Pennsylvania, we believe that class should be educational, while also fun and motivating so you can take the positive energy you harnessed during class out with you into everyday life.

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Whether you're looking to enroll your child, or take a class yourself, you can get involved in just a few minutes. In Purpose Studios is dedicated to providing a positive space where you can dance, jump, and experience the joy of movement to its fullest extent.